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Monday, 28 March 2016

The Big Chop

Friday night after looking at many pictures of pixie cuts I told my Fiancé that I was thinking of getting the chop. It would be the shortest haircut I have experienced in my 29 years. I decided to have a look at some YouTube videos and came across an interesting one about a home haircut which resulted in a very short shaved hair style. I watched it twice before sharing it with Mr C and getting his opinion. He has always said he likes short hair on women and this was really short. It was something I would have never chosen for myself previously but I really liked the style and convinced Mr C to cut my hair for me. I knew if I didn’t cut it then I would chicken out if given the chance to think about it.

 Once we got past the initial cut and moved on the clippers was when I felt a little sad. I had imagined having long flowing curls for my wedding in October. There was no way my hair was going to be very long anyway but clip in extensions were an option.  My sad feeling was short lived and I started to get really excited about how this hairstyle would look on me and hoping it wasn’t a complete disaster. I normally don’t make impulse decisions based around my hair.

 Once we done I was completely shocked by how short it was but how good it looked. It gives my face a rounder softer look. I was hoping it would age me a bit. Who on earth wants to look older at 29. I do I always look really young. It’s a pain and has been since I was 17. I cannot wait for the day when it pays off. Maybe when I’m 40 and someone says I look like I’m in my early 30s. (I can hope right). I’m still getting used to the whole short hair style. I go to take my hair out of a bun before bed and shocked to find the bun not there or still using too much shampoo and conditioner and feeling the cold wind on my neck it’s a very odd feeling.

I have only received very good comments so far from family but tomorrow is school drop off and I have to admit I actually looking forward to showing it off. I feel way more confident than I usually do and I don’t know if that is completely haircut based  or not but it’s a good feeling not to be so insecure for once and I’m sure Mr C is happy not  getting a complete mouthful of hair. So what I have learned?  Sometimes you have to be brave and do something different. Who knows you may enjoy the ride.

BEFORE                                                AFTER